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Air Quality Bureau

Air Quality in Luna County


Luna County is 2,965 square miles in southwestern New Mexico with a total population of near 27,000, of which approximately 14,000 are in Deming. At an elevation of 4,330 feet, Luna County has an arid continental climate with low humidity and average annual rainfall of 9 inches. Winds average around 10 miles per hour for the year, with the prevailing direction being westerly. Late winter and spring are the seasons most closely associated with moderate to strong winds, which can bring blowing dust. The New Mexico Environment Department monitors concentrations of particulate matter at a monitoring station on the roof of the Post Office on Pine Street in Deming. In 2003, violations of the federal standard for particulate matter occurred, requiring the creation of this Luna County Natural Events Action Plan to avoid nonattainment.

 Natural Events Action Plan

Luna County Natural Events Action Plan – Oct. 2004


Documentation submitted to EPA for PM10 exceedances during 2003

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