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Air Quality Bureau

Frequently Asked Questions


Below are links to several of the Air Quality Bureau web pages that deal with questions that are frequently asked of us by the public. These pages are diverse and cover issues for those who may not know a lot about air quality issues, and for those who have specific questions.


Small Business Environmental Assistance Program FAQs – Do I need an Air Quality Permit?

Permitting FAQs – Frequently asked questions about permitting issues, including Permit Processing and Fees, Transfer of Permits, Grandfathering of Equipment, Tank-Flashing Emissions, Ethanol Plants, Limiting Operating Scenarios in Permits, Opacity Based Emission Calculations, and more!

Permitting Overview & Guidance to New Mexico NSR Air Permitting Requirements

Air Quality Modeling FAQs – What is Dispersion Modeling?

Planning Section FAQs – Includes FAQs for smoke management, dispersion modeling, and other issues.

Public Involvement FAQs – How does the public participate in Air Quality Regulation development?

Airborne Dust FAQs – Frequently asked questions about Dust.

Fugitive Dust Control Techniques and Businesses – How to control dust from roads and construction sites.

Household Trash Burning – Questions and Answers – Open burning of household waste (not including yard waste, weeds, etc.) is prohibited.

Smoke Management FAQs – Applies to all levels of the Smoke Management Program.