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Air Quality Bureau

Meteorological Data

Meteorology domain map of New Mexico

The files in this section are used as input data for the AERMOD air quality modeling program.

All of the files in this section come in “ZIP” format. These files must first be downloaded to your system and unzipped before they can be used as input to dispersion modeling programs. Some data was processed with a non-default option to adjust surface friction velocity. Non-default options will need to be selected in AERMOD to run these files.

Multiple years of data are available for many monitors. When using a single year for modeling, use the latest year unless otherwise specified.

Ozone data is for use in Ozone Limiting Model (OLM) or Plume Volume Molar Ratio Method (PVMRM) for calculating nitrogen dioxide concentrations.

Most of the data sets on our web site were processed using AERSURFACE to determine albedo, Bowen Ratio and surface roughness. Some data sets on our web site use an albedo of 0.3, a Bowen Ratio of 6.0, and a surface roughness of 0.15. It has been shown that albedo and Bowen Ratio have little effect on model results except at their extremes. The surface roughness has been chosen to match the land cover at most of our rural locations in the state (basically piñon/juniper or mesquite bush and cactus). We have no sites located in the Ponderosa pines and virtually no urban sites except in Albuquerque. The City of Albuquerque/Bernalillo County is a separate air quality program with different requirements than NMED.

Please contact Angela Raso or other modeling staff for more information.

Table of Meteorological Files

Location Name and Year Notes Elevation Windrose1
(Nearest area) (of met station) (meters) (annual)
Alamogordo Holloman Air Force Base 2013-2017 Missing data (%) 2013=10.63 2014=6.32 2015=8.88 2016=9.68 1243
Albuquerque Albuquerque International Airport 2013-2017 1620
Amarillo Amarillo 2013-2017 1098
Artesia Artesia Airport 2011-2015 Missing data (%) 2014=~30 2015=~6 1080
Bernalillo Bernalillo 2011-2015 2013-15 were processed without adjust u*. 1540
Carlsbad Carlsbad 2014-2018 1004
Clovis Clovis 2001-2005 1283
Deming Deming 2015-2019 1312
El Paso El Paso International Airport 2013-2017 1195
Four Corners Bloomfield 2015-2019 Missing data replaced with 4-Corners Airport data 1713
Four Corners Navajo Lake 2015-2016 (1NL) 1950
Four Corners Shiprock – San Juan Gen Stn. 1993-1994 1625
Four Corners Shiprock Substation 2013-2017 Missing data replaced with 4-Corners Airport data 1643
Four Corners Val Verde 1993 (ozone file) 1705
Four Corners Farmington 2011-2015

(PM10 monthly background concentrations 2011-2014)

Gallup Gallup 1987-1991 1970
Hobbs Hobbs 2014-2018 Use for eastern NM 1110
Las Cruces Las Cruces Holman Road 2015-2019 East Mesa of Las Cruces 1362
Los Alamos Los Alamos 2008 2013 2262
Las Vegas, NM Las Vegas 2014-2018 2096
Rio Rancho Intel Corporation, Rio Rancho 2005-2008 1595
Santa Fe Santa Fe State Police Academy 2014-2017 1978
Sunland Park Desert View Elementary School (Sunland Park) 2015-2019 1176
Sunland Park Sunland Park City Yard 1995-1999 1146
Sunland Park Sunland Pk – El Paso Elec Rio Grande 2005 1135


1 Winds are direction blowing from.