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Air Quality Bureau

Notices and FAQs for Compliance and Enforcement


  • Well Completions 

    There is no regulatory need to submit an advanced notice of well completions to the New Mexico Environment Department Air Quality Bureau.

    There is a provision in NSPS OOOO and OOOOa that states:

    “If you are subject to state regulations that require advance notification of well completions and you have met those notification requirements, then you are considered to have met the advance notification requirements of paragraph (a)(2)(i) of this section.” [40 CFR §60.5420(a)(2)(ii)]

    Oil & Gas Operators are required to acquire a drilling permit from the Oil Conservation Division (OCD)prior to drilling a well in New Mexico.  The drilling permit application also includes a notification of intent to complete the well once drilled.   The OCD also has other requirements for submitting the final completion report upon well completion.

    Oil & Gas Operators have met the requirements of NSPS OOOO and OOOOa for submitting advance notification of well completions when they acquire a drilling permit from OCD and submit their final completion report to OCD.


  • All hardcopy Title V submittals that are being mailed to the Compliance and Enforcement Section of the Air Quality Bureau require a Reporting Submittal Form as the front page of the submittal. Please do NOT use the Reporting Submittal Form for submittals such as Emission Inventories, Modeling Analyses, and Permit Applications. These submittals are not evaluated by the Compliance and Enforcement Section. Reporting Submittal Forms and submittal instructions can be found here
  • Hardcopy submittals of Title V Annual Compliance Certifications or Semi-annual Monitoring Reports (Section II, boxes A or B), need to be accompanied by a CD or thumb drive with a pdf file containing the same information as the hardcopy, including signatures.  Do not include any additional information on the CD or thumb drive.



  • ONE FORM PER SUBMITTAL: All hardcopy reports to Compliance and Enforcement must be submitted using a Report Submittal Form. In Section II, please only select one box, A-G. If you have two submittals, use two submittal forms and separate the documents so it is clear that there are two submittals.

  • SIGNATURES: If you are submitting a Title V Annual Compliance Certification or Semi-annual Monitoring Report (Section II, boxes A or B), you will need your Reporting Submittal Form and your Title V Report Certification Form signed by your Responsible Official or Alternate Responsible Official. All other submittals (Section II, boxes C – G) can be signed by any reporting official for your facility, such as your Environmental Compliance Specialist. 
  • CD OR THUMB DRIVE: Title V Annual Compliance Certification reports and Semi-annual Monitoring Reports being submitted by hardcopy need to be accompanied by a CD or thumb drive containing the same information as the hardcopy. A CD or thumb drive is not required for subpart submittals (C-G in Section II).

  • INSTRUCTIONS AND FORMS: If you need forms or have questions about how to fill out the Reporting Submittal Form, submittal instructions and forms can be found here.


Additional questions can be addressed to Allan Morris by email or 505-476-5558.


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