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Air Quality Bureau

Permitting FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding air quality permitting are listed below.  More general FAQ about other air quality issues can be found on this web page.


Permitting Frequently Asked Questions

This page is under construction to make FAQ information easier to find and more logically organized. In the meantime, use this link to the previous FAQ page, which lists all Permitting FAQ.   As we add content to this page, it will appear below.  If you cannot find what you are looking for below, look for it at the link above to the previous FAQ page.


General Permit Processing FAQ

Permit & NOI Processing Frequently Asked Questions

Grandfathering Frequently Asked Questions

Limiting Operating Scenarios in Permits

Permit Fees Frequently Asked Questions

Operating Scenarios

Phased Construction

Transfer of Permits, Notices of Intent and Equipment

Installing Units Authorized by an Old Permit

NOI excess emissions  


Oil & Gas FAQ

Portable Compressor Engine Notices of Intent (NOI)

Tank-Flashing Emissions Frequently Asked Questions

Compressor Engines


Petroleum Storage Tanks

Ethanol Plants

Technical FAQ on sulfur in fuel gas

NOI excess emissions


Construction Industry FAQ

Rock Crushers, Screening Plants and Asphalt Plants

General Construction Permits (GCPs)

Opacity Based Emission Calculations Frequently Asked Questions

Relocation Modeling 


Miscellaneous FAQ

Operating Scenarios

Emission Factors