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Drinking Water Bureau

Contract Services

Lists of Utility Operators/Certified Samplers/Approved RTCR Assessors Available for Contract Services

New Mexico public water systems (PWSs) must engage certified operators and samplers to meet the requirements of state and federal regulations for drinking water.  To assist PWSs that need to obtain the services of certified operators and/or samplers, the New Mexico Environment Department Drinking Water Bureau (DWB) manages the following lists of certified samplers and operators.  These lists also include those certified operators who are approved to conduct Level 1 or 2 assessments required by the Revised Total Coliform Rule (RTCR).

Operator List

Sampler List

RTCR Assessor List

Please use this link to access a downloadable version of the Permission to List form.  Instructions for completing and submitting the form are provided directly on the form.

Please submit your request to be removed for any or all lists to: