New Mexico
Environment Department

Contact Information:
(505) 827-2855 MAIN // 1-800-219-6157 (toll free)
Environmental Emergencies:
505-827-9329 (24 hrs)

Drinking Water Bureau

DWB Directory

Contact Information for DWB Staff & Programs

Main Numbers:
(505) 476-8620    OR   Toll Free (877) 654-8720

Organizational Chart

Contacts for information on specific rules or to submit documents to meet rule or construction requirements:

Staff Directory:

Name Title Location Phone
Joe Martinez Bureau Chief Santa Fe Office:  505-476-8635
Mobile: 505-467-9415

Public Water System Supervision Group (PWSS)

Tanya Trujillo PWSS Manager
Santa Fe Office:  505-476-8625
Mobile: 505-372-8273

PWSS Northern Region Compliance Program

Wayne Jeffs Northern Region Compliance Supervisor Santa Fe Office:  505-476-8612
Mobile: 505-469-7457
Jim Jones Compliance Officer Farmington Office:  505-566-9742
Mobile: 505-258-3203
Oneva Pena DBP Rule Administrator Santa Fe Office: 505-476-8648
Mobile: 505-490-5363
Vacant Compliance Officer Santa Fe Vacant
Frank Baca Compliance Officer Santa Fe Office:  505-476-8637
Mobile: 505-469-1323
Chet Markham RTCR Rule Administrator Albuquerque Office:  505-222-9531
Mobile: 505-629-3085
Naima Khan Lead and Copper Rule Administrator Albuquerque Office:  505-222-9539
Mobile: 505-470-7120
Greg Quartieri Compliance Officer Raton Office:   575-445-3621
Mobile: 505-372-8173

PWSS Southern Region Compliance Program

Brandi Littleton Southern Region Compliance Supervisor Las Cruces Office:    575-915-1113
Mobile: 575-323-4298
Aaron Beckworth Compliance Officer Silver City Office:   575-956-1552
Mobile: 505-372-8174
John Pijawka Compliance Officer Ruidoso Office:   575-258-3272
Mobile: 575-973-0642
Joe Savage
Surface Water Treatment Rule Administrator Alamogordo Office:    575-437-7115
Mobile: 575-973-0009
Vacant Compliance Officer Las Cruces Vacant
Vacant Compliance Officer Roswell Vacant
Vacant Compliance Officer Albuquerque Vacant

PWSS Enforcement

Maria Medina


Enforcement Coordinator and

Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR) Rule Administrator

Santa Fe Office:  505-476-8629
Mobile: 505-629-7223

PWSS Safe Drinking Water Information System (SDWIS) Program

Angelique Maldonado SDWIS Supervisor Albuquerque Office:  505-222-9590
Mobile: 505-372-8166
Vacant Data Steward Las Cruces Vacant
Vacant Data Steward Albuquerque Vacant
Adele McKenzie Data Steward Santa Fe Office:  505-476-8647
Daniel Ramirez Data Steward Albuquerque Office:  505-222-9533
Mobile: 505-670-9705
Vacant Data Steward Albuquerque

Sustainable Water Infrastructure Group (SWIG)

Jill Turner
SWIG Manager Santa Fe Office:  505-476-8623
Mobile: 505-205-6964

SWIG Community Services Program

Karen Torres Community Services Program Manager Santa Fe Office:  505-827-0027
Mobile: 505-231-6832
Catherine Conran Community Services Coordinator – NW Region Santa Fe Office:   505-476-3730
Mobile:  505-231-2120
Melanie Delgado Community Services Coordinator – NE Region Espanola Office:   505-753-7256
Mobile: 505-670-5897
Michael Montoya Community Services Coordinator – Southern Region Las Cruces Office:     575-915-1115
Mobile: 505-570-7682
Vacant Community Services Coordinator -Central Region Albuquerque Vacant

SWIG Source Water and Wellhead Protection Program

Lena Schlichting Source Water Program Manager Santa Fe Office:  505-476-8623
Mobile: 505-660-3391
David Torres Source Water Specialist Los Lunas Office:
Mobile: 505-259-5048
Andy Jochems Source Water Specialist Santa Fe Office:  505-476-8632
Mobile: 505-372-8171

Engineering Services Program

Emily Worthen Engineering Services Program Manager Albuquerque Office:  505-222-9509
Mobile: 505-372-8098
Vacant Review Engineer Santa Fe
Patrick Castillo Review Engineer Albuquerque Office:  505-222-9534
Mobile: 505-372-8169

Technical Services Program

Jeff Pompeo Technical Services Program Manager Santa Fe Office:  505-476-8646
Mobile: 505-819-8789
Krista Schultz Area Wide Optimization Program (AWOP) Coordinator Albuquerque Office:  505-222-9518
Mobile: 505-819-9634
Mike Peterson Technical Services Coordinator Los Lunas Office:  505-841-5285
Mobile: 505-467-9414
Antonio Romero Technical Services Coordinator Las Cruces Office:
Mobile: 575-915-1118

Utility Operator Certification Program

Eric Hall
UOCP Manager Santa Fe Office: 505-827-2804
Mobile: 505-670-7418
Kendall Crowe UOCP Coordinator Albuquerque Office: 505-222-9575
Mobile: 505-690-8979
Anita Tavasci UOCP Coordinator Santa Fe Office: 505-827-2802
Mobile: 505-467-9333
Nile Carver UOCP Coordinator Santa Fe Office: 505-827-0149
Mobile: 505-372-8172

Water Conservation Fund Group

Bethany Anderson Water Conservation Fund Group Manager Santa Fe Office: 505-476-8645
Mobile: 505-469-3204
Victoria Delgado Sampler Albuquerque Office: 505-222-9538
Mobile: 505-670-6866
Angel Flores Sampler Santa Fe Office: 505-476-8627
Mobile: 505-660-0453
Eric Garcia Sampler Las Cruces Office: 575-915-1111
Mobile: 575-635-7688
Valerie Horner Sampler Raton Office: 575-445-3621
Mobile: 505-372-8167
Rocio Galvan Sampler Las Cruces Office: 575-915-1127
Mobile: 505-819-7687
Vernon Trujillo Sampler Espanola Office: 505-753-7256
Mobile: 505-372-8170
Tim Willy
Sampler Clovis Office: 575-762-3728
Mobile: 505-690-6657

Program Administration Group

Pedro Archuleta Administrative Supervisor Santa Fe Office: 505-476-8636
Mobile: 505-372-8168
Frances Garcia Administrative Assistant Santa Fe Office: 505-476-3706
Mobile: 550-670-9697
Diane Van Hoy          Quality Assurance Coordinator Santa Fe Office:
Mobile: 505-469-7658

DWB Finance

Vacant Finance Manager Santa Fe Office: 505-476-8722
Amorette Garcia Financial Specialist Santa Fe Office: 505-476-8621
Mobile: 505-490-7704
Trina Page
Finance Specialist Santa Fe Office: 505-476-8622
Mobile: 505-216-8915