New Mexico
Environment Department

Contact Information:
(505) 827-2855 MAIN // 1-800-219-6157 (toll free)
Environmental Emergencies:
505-827-9329 (24 hrs)

Drinking Water Bureau

Drinking Water FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


General Public Questions

Boil Water Advisory

Bottled Water

Contamination of Water Sources

  • Ground Water Quality Bureau (505)827-2900
  • Surface Water Quality Bureau (505) 827-0187

Public Records Request

Water Hauling

  • NMED Drinking Water Bureau email:

What’s in our water

Home Purchase Issues

Inspection Finding

Well Testing

Microbiological Sample (this includes analysis for Total coliform & E.coli)

Nitrates (because it’s a potential acute health issue)

Arsenic (because its naturally occurring and prevalent throughout the state)

  • Search internet: New Mexico Test Water

What Water System Serves the Property

  • Ask realtor/seller for copy of water utility bill
  • Look up city in public Drinking Water Watch
  • Drinking Water Bureau email:

Private Water Systems


Cistern Systems

  • Suggest local building code office (no NMED/DWB regulations)

How to Get Water Tested

  • Internet search: New Mexico private well testing ( New Mexico Drinking Water Bureau does not have regulatory authority to work with private wells)
  • NMED Ground Water Quality Bureau Water Fairs

Private Well Records

  • Registration @ Office of the State Engineer (505) 827-6091
  • Water testing history from Seller/Realtor

Public Drinking Water Systems

Assistance Request

  • NMED/DWB Sustainable Water Infrastructure Group contacts:
  • Drinking Water Bureau email:
  • NMED/DWB Community Services Coordinator for your region (map)

Lab Results


Notice of Violation



Water Operators



List of Certified Operators in New Mexico

If a system needs to hire a certified operator, the system should send an email to NMED’s Utility Operator Certification Program requesting a posting of a job ad on the UOCP webpage.  Job ads should include the name of the system or municipality seeking the certified operator; a contact name, address, phone number & email (if applicable) where the applicant can submit their resume or call if they have questions; the level and type of operator being sought; a brief description of the operator duties; a salary range and an application closing date.

Please contact the UOCP to post an operator job ad.