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Drinking Water Bureau

Tools & Resources

for Public Water Systems

This page provides some tools and resources for public water system board members, operators and administrative staff, organized alphabetically by topic.

Asset Management

Introduction to Asset Management (NMED)

Asset Management Report Criteria for New Mexico Technical Assistance Providers (NMED)

Asset Management Resources for Small Systems (EPA)

Asset Management: A Handbook for Small Water Systems (EPA)

Check Up Program for Small Systems (EPA)

A.M. Kan Work: An Asset Management and Energy Efficiency Manual (SWEFC)

Boards and Managers

A Drop of Knowledge: The Non-Operator’s Guide to Drinking Water Systems (RCAP)

The Big Guide for Small Systems: A Resource for Board Members (RCAP)

Regulatory Calendar for Water Systems and Sample 2017 Regulatory Calendar

Rosenberg’s Rules of Order

Open Meetings Act Compliance Guide (NM Office of Attorney General)

Inspection of Public Records Act Compliance Guide (NM Office of Attorney General)

Governmental Conduct Act Compliance Guide (NM Office of Attorney General)

A Water Rights Manual for Mutual Domestic Water Consumers Associations (UNM School of Law/ Utton Transboundary Resources Center)

Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR)

CCR iWriter

CCR Instructions

EPA Consumer Confidence Report

Cross Connections

Cross Connection Control: A Best Practices Guide (EPA)

Cross Connection and Backflow Prevention (National Environmental Services Center)

Cross Connection Control Manual (EPA)

Drinking Water Organizations and Agencies

American Water Works Association (education, tools & resources)

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – Drinking Water (education, regulations)

National Environmental Services Center (West Virginia University)

New Mexico Rural Water Association (training and technical assistance)

New Mexico Water & Wastewater Association ( training)

New Mexico Office of the Attorney General (enforcement of laws)

New Mexico Office of the State Auditor (examination of financial affairs of government agencies)

New Mexico Office of the State Engineer (oversight of water rights & interstate stream compacts)

New Mexico Public Regulations Commission (regulation of public utilities)

Rural Community Assistance Corporation (technical assistance, training, financing)

U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development (funding opportunities)

Water Operator (database of resources for small community water & wastewater operators)


Drought-Ready Communities: A guide to Community Drought Preparedness (NDMC)

National Drought Mitigation Center (NDMC)

U.S. Drought Monitor (NDMC)

New Mexico Drought Taskforce

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Climate Change Website

Energy Use

Energy Use Assessments at Water & Wastewater Systems Guide (EPA)

Water and Energy Efficiency in Water & Wastewater Utilities (EPA)

Emergency Response & Security

Public Water System Emergency Response Plan (Template Updated July, 2020)

Public Water Systems Operation & Maintenance Plan (instructions & plan template)

Develop or Update a Drinking Water or Wastewater Utility Emergency Response Plan

Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness Response Act (2002); Title IV – Drinking Water Security and Safety

Emergency Response for Drinking Water and Wastewater Utilities (EPA)

Security Guidance Document (Large Systems) (EPA)

Security Guidance Document (Small/Medium Systems) (EPA)

Features of an Active and Effective Protective Program (EPA)

Tabletop Exercise Tool for Water Systems: Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Climate Resiliency (EPA)

Water and Wastewater Alert Response Network (NM WARN)

Financial Management

Basics of Financial Management for Small-Community Utilities (RCAP)

Formulate Great Rates: The Guide to Conducting a Rate Study for a Water System (RCAP)

Financial Planning: A Guide for Water and Wastewater Systems (RCAC)

Water and Sewer Rates Analysis Model (UNCEFC)

Plan to Pay: Scenarios to Fund your CIP (UNCEFC)

New Mexico Water and Sewer Rate Survey (NMED)


Flood Resilience: A Basic Guide for Water and Wastewater Utilities (EPA)

Flood Information (CDC)

Operations and Maintenance

Operation and Maintenance Plan Template


Operator Roles and Responsibilities: A Best Practices Guide (EPA).

NMED Certified Operator Contract Template

Project Planning & Management

Getting Your Project to Flow Smoothly: A Guide to Developing Water and Wastewater Infrastructure (RCAP)


Distribution System Sampling Plan (DSSP) – see the Applications & Forms page

Source Water Protection

Source Water Protection Atlas (NMED, NMBGMR, NMDOH)

Source Water Protection Atlas User Manual (NMED, NMBGMR, NMDOH)

Source Water Assessment and Source Water Protection Plan Template (NMED)


Planning for Sustainability: A Handbook for Water and Wastewater Utilities (EPA)

Water Audits & Water Loss

American Water Works Association / AWWA Store

  • AWWA’s Water Audit software (free)
  • Additional resources are fee-based

Water Conservation

New Mexico’s Water Conservation Planning Guide for Public Water Suppliers (NM OSE)