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Drinking Water Bureau

Sustainable Water Infrastructure Group

The Sustainable Water Infrastructure Group (SWIG) provides assistance to public water systems in order to ensure their adherence to federal and state regulations, their successful operations and provision of good quality water to their customers. The following assistance programs are available:

  • Area Wide Optimization – to improve drinking water quality beyond compliance levels to enhance public health protection
  • Community Services – to provide assistance to public water systems in developing and maintaining managerial and financial capacity
  • Managerial & Financial Assistance – to improve water systems’ ability to operate effectively and maintain compliance with the federal Safe Drinking Water Act and New Mexico drinking water regulations
  • Source Water Protection – to identify and manage actual or potential sources of contamination to drinking water supplies
  • Technical Assistance – to assess water system technical capacity, support efforts to return to compliance through assessment and training, assist with construction funding applications and conduct engineering reviews for construction projects
  • Tools & Resources – to provide information for drinking water system staff and board members
  • Training – to support professional development of drinking water system staff and prepare individuals for certification
  • Water Infrastructure Funding – to support funding applications for new public water system construction or improvements to existing public water systems
  • Water System Modification, Design & Construction
    – to provide assistance to public water systems intending to submit an application for the construction of a new water system, modification of an existing system, or conversion of a non-public water system to a public water system (see the Water System Modification, Design & Construction page)
  • Utility Operator Certification Program
    – to provide training, testing, certification, renewal and oversight of the utility operators in New Mexico

Public water systems can speak with their designated Community Services Coordinator (see Service Area Map) or their designated Compliance Officer (see Contact Us), at the New Mexico Environment Department Drinking Water Bureau, if interested in assistance.

For more details about these programs, please see the Assistance page on the NMED Drinking Water Bureau website.