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Environmental Improvement Board

Environmental & Consumer Protection Regulations


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  Environmental Improvement Board Standards and Regulations    
Public Aquatic Venues: General Provisions (7.18.1 NMAC) PDF Version
Public Aquatic Venues: Fees (7.18.2 NMAC)  PDF Version
Food Service and Food Processing (7.6.2 NMAC) PDF Version
Occupational Health & Safety Regulations (11.5 NMAC)  
Air Quality Regulations (20.2 NMAC)  
Radiation Protection (20.3 NMAC)  
Hazardous Waste Regulations (20.4 NMAC)  
Petroleum Storage Tanks (20.5 NMAC)  
Liquid Waste Disposal and Treatment (20.7.3 NMAC) PDF Version
Drinking Water (20.7.10 NMAC) PDF Version
Liquid Waste Treatment and Disposal Fees (20.7.11 NMAC) PDF Version
Solid Waste (20.9 NMAC)  
  Environmental Improvement Board Procedures    
EIB Rulemaking Procedures (20.1.1 NMAC) PDF Version
EIB Adjudicatory Procedures (20.1.2 NMAC) PDF Version
EIB Open Meetings (20.1.8 NMAC) PDF Version

All questions regarding the Board should be directed to:

Administrator for Boards & Commissions

New Mexico Environment Department
P.O. Box 5469
Santa Fe, NM 87502
Tel (505) 827-2855