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Food Program

Tribal Foods

State and Tribal Food Safety Program

The State and Tribal Food Safety Program allows certain non-hazardous foods to be prepared on Pueblo/Tribal lands to be sold within NMED’s regulatory jurisdiction.  To qualify, individuals must submit a registration form and be approved by NMED.    

Complete the registration form below and submit it to the NMED Food Program. The application will be reviewed and the Food Program will follow up with questions or an approval to begin operating under the State and Tribal Food Safety Program.

State and Tribal Food Safety Program Registration Form

Requirements for Participation

In order to participate in this food safety program, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Complete the Registration Form and return it to the NMED Food Program.
  2. The menu will be limited to non-TCS baked goods as approved by the NMED Food Program. Examples of baked goods include horno breads, cookies, high fruit & sugar containing pies, etc. No baked goods requiring refrigeration or other temperature control, such as cream-filled baked goods, cheesecake, custard pies, etc., will be allowed.
  3. Approved baked goods can only be sold at locations within the New Mexico Environment Department’s regulatory jurisdiction. Sale of baked goods shall be made directly to the consumer at venues such as farmers markets, temporary road side stands, fiestas, and other temporary events at off-tribal land locations. Sale of baked goods to retail outlets at off-tribal land locations (such as grocery stores or restaurants for resale) is not allowed.
  4. All baked goods shall be individually packaged in food grade containers and labeled with an approved label.
  5. Approved labels shall include the common name of the baked good, name of the family or business making the baked goods, address where the baked goods were made, telephone number, and a list of the individual ingredients contained in the product (in descending order of quantity). Attach a copy of the proposed label for each product to this registration form.
  6. Any additions to the list of approved baked goods or changes to ingredients after approval will require submittal of a new registration form.