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Free Well Water Testing

NMED has two programs that offer FREE testing of drinking water from private, domestic wells.


The Ground Water Quality Bureau conducts “Water Fair” events throughout
the year in various locations around the state.


Water Fair

Domestic well owners are educated about water quality issues and how they can help preserve or improve water quality in their communities.The water fair and water-quality outreach program consists of approximately 10 water fair events per State Fiscal Year (July 1 to June 30), conducted in rural communities throughout New Mexico.

Each water fair event will use portable analytical equipment to test drinking water for:

  • arsenic
  • nitrate
  • electrical conductivity
  • pH
  • fluoride
  • sulfate
  • iron

To learn more about the water fair program or to request a water fair in your community please click here.



More Info & Announcements of UPCOMING Water Fairs


The Liquid Waste (Septic Tank) Program provides testing for clients’ domestic well water at NMED district offices.
We do not test water, on-demand, provided by a public supply system, since testing is already done as required by the federal Safe Drinking Water Act.  Contact the NMED Drinking Water Bureau to obtain test results if you are served by a public water system.

Info on water collection and testing process

NMED District Offices

NMED District Offices