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Ground Water Quality Bureau

Agriculture Compliance Section


For DAIRY specific information (i.e. dairy discharge permit application, active discharge permits, or abatement information) CLICK HERE.

The Agriculture Compliance Section prepares groundwater Discharge Permits for discharges from dairies and non-dairy agricultural facilities that have the potential to impact groundwater quality pursuant to Subparts III and IV of the Ground and Surface Water Protection Regulations (20.6.2 NMAC) and the Supplemental Permitting Requirements for Dairy Facilities (20.6.6 NMAC). This section also oversees facility closure and abatement of groundwater contamination at these facilities pursuant to NMAC.

Facilities with groundwater Discharge Permits managed by the Agriculture Compliance Section include, but are not limited to: dairies, chile and other food processing facilities, meat packing plants, agricultural service, greenhouses, algae/biofuel production facilities.

Spill Reporting

This program also addresses unauthorized discharges, such as spills, for facilities that it regulates. Please review NMAC for instructions on how to proceed with notifying the Agriculture Compliance Section if you have a spill.

Current List of Discharge Permits 

updated December 2020

Permits are issued for five year terms and must be renewed to provide continuous coverage. This list (excel) will be updated regularly as more permits are issued. Currently the section manages approximately 250 sites.

Agriculture Compliance Section Staff

Nancy McDuffie (Program Manager) (505) 699-4293
Marc Bonem  (505) 660-8376
Sarah Schnell  (505) 660-8368
GWQB Main Phone   (505) 827-2900