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Brownfields Training, Funding Opportunities & Resources

NMED Brownfields Program Brochure

A brownfield is a property whose redevelopment is complicated by the presence of contamination or perceived contamination. It could be an old gas station, vacant motel, former industrial site, an abandoned dump, etc.  

Cleaning up and reinvesting in these properties can restore the environment, reduce health risks, eliminate blight, revitalize downtowns, create jobs, increase local tax bases, and create a sense of community pride. View our program brochure for more information about the resources available for brownfields redevelopment.

Brownfields Program Brochure Link

New Mexico Brownfields Success Stories

Scroll through this ESRI Story Map to see how the Brownfields Program can assist with your community’s redevelopment project!

Watch this YouTube video to see how we are utilizing our $500,000 EPA Coalition Assessment Grant!

Watch this YouTube video to see how the Brownfields Program collaborated with the North West New Mexico Council of Governments on the Hooghan Ho’zho Mixed Income Family Housing project!

EPA Brownfields Multipurpose, Assessment, and Cleanup Grant Opportunities 

None at this time

EPA Brownfields Grant Solicitation Link

National Brownfields Conference 2021 – Oklahoma City

December 8-11, 2021

2021 National Brownfields Conference Website Link

U.S. EPA Brownfields Federal Programs Guide (2019)

The 2019 Brownfields Federal Programs Guide provides information on 21 federal programs and five federal tax incentives that could support brownfields cleanup and revitalization. 

2019 U.S. EPA Federal Programs Guide Link

U.S. EPA Land Revitalization Toolkit

EPA’s Land Revitalization Program can help communities identify the possibilities for reusing a contaminated, or potentially contaminated, site. Planning upfront for site reuse typically creates exciting opportunities within the redevelopment process, such as:

  • including sustainable and equitable development approaches, and
  • integrating site assessment and cleanup activities alongside the redevelopment.

Land Revitalization Toolkit Link

NMED Brownfields Webinars

NMED Brownfields 101 Webinar

NMED Brownfields Program Funding Resources Webinar

Targeted Brownfields Assessment (TBA)

NMED offers free environmental evaluations of brownfield properties. Services include:

  • Phase I & II environmental site assessments
  • Cleanup planning
  • Environmental investigations (sampling and analysis)
  • Remediation cost estimates
  • Asbestos and lead paint surveys

Local government units, tribal governments, quasi-public entities (such as community development organizations), and non-profit entities are eligible to request a TBA.

NMED considers the following criteria in prioritizing requests: feasibility of property redevelopment or reuse, potential economic/environmental/health benefits to the community, project timetable, and availability of funding.

EPA Region 6 also provides TBA services in the event that NMED cannot currently accommodate your request.

Brownfield Cleanup Revolving Loan Fund

It is usually easier to find funding for redevelopment of a site than for cleanup. NMED offers low-interest loans with favorable terms that can be used for remediating contamination at an eligible brownfield site. The funds may also be used for asbestos removal or abatement. The availability of cleanup funding can leverage the other funding needed – on average, $17 for every dollar of brownfields funding.

Contact us to discuss the eligibility of your project and the application process.

Application forms:

Technical Assistance

Brownfield redevelopment requires community planning, environmental expertise, public and private partners, and familiarity with a myriad of potential sources of assistance. NMED can help you connect to the resources you need to make your project a Brownfields success story.

Assistance is also available through EPA’s Technical Assistance to Brownfields (TAB) Program.

Voluntary Remediation Program

Participants who successfully complete the VRP receive site closure documentation from NMED and liability protection for lenders and future purchasers.