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Ground Water Quality Bureau

Dairy Discharge Permitting

Dairy Overview

New Mexico has approximately 180 dairies throughout the state. The Agriculture Compliance Section (ACS) is responsible for permitting dairies under the New Mexico Ground and Surface Water Protection Regulations (20.6.2 NMAC) and the Supplemental Permitting Requirements for Dairy Facilities (20.6.6 NMAC), the Dairy Rule. The Agriculture Compliance Section is also responsible for overseeing the abatement of ground water at dairy facilities.

Current List of Discharge Permits 

updated March 2021

Permits are issued for five year terms and must be renewed to provide continuous coverage. This list (Excel) will be updated regularly as more permits are finalized. Currently the Agriculture Compliance Section manages approximately 250 active sites.

Dairy Discharge Permit Applications

updated March 1, 2016

Please note: The applications listed below are subject to minor revisions by NMED. Please refer to this website for the most recent versions. Please select the application and/or supplemental form of interest. For a non-dairy permit application, please click here 

Discharge Permit Renewal and/or Modification Application  Discharge Permit Renewal for Closure Application  New Discharge permit Application 
Supplemental Form 1-R Supplemental Form 1-C Supplemental Form 1-A
Supplemental Form 2-R Supplemental Form 2-C Supplemental Form 1-B
Supplemental Form 3-R Supplemental Form 3-C Supplemental Form 1-C
Supplemental Form 4-R


Doña Ana Dairies

The Doña Ana Dairies Consortium, the Rio Valle Concerned Citizens, and NMED reached a stipulated agreement to additional requirements to the Stage 2 Abatement Plan to address nitrate contamination in groundwater. 

Quarterly Monitoring Reports 

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