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Ground Water Quality Bureau

Public Notice FAQs

Q. What are the public notices for?

A. There are two public notices, known informally as PN-1 and PN-2.

  • The PN-1 informs the public that someone is applying for a Discharge Permit, and is performed by the permit applicant after an application is deemed administratively complete.
  • The PN-2 informs the public that there is a draft Discharge Permit ready for review and public comment, and is done by NMED-GWQB after the application is deemed technically complete and the permit is drafted.

Q. What are the requirements for public notice PN-1?

A. Public notice requirements can be found in NMAC.

Q. How/When can I start my public notice requirements for my site?

A. NMED will provide materials for the public notice after the application is deemed administratively complete.

Q. How can I get involved in the permitting process?

A. Contact the person listed in the public notice. It is helpful if you have the Discharge Permit number (DP-###) for the site you are interested in.