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Ground Water Quality Bureau

Water Fairs


The Water Fairs will return in late 2021 


To learn more about well ownership, testing, and maintenance,

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How to collect a water sample for the water fair

  • Fill a clean glass or plastic container without any strong odors, with at least a quart or a liter (i.e. half a gallon) of your well water.
  • If the home has a whole house filtration system, collect the water at the well head prior to any filtration or softener systems if possible.
  • Let the water run 2-3 minutes before collecting the sample.
  • Fill the container with water as close to the time of testing as possible.
  • Come to the water fair in your community at the date and time specified above and complete the Well Test Form.
  • NMED will test for arsenic, electrical conductivity, fluoride, iron, nitrate, pH, and sulfate and mail your results in 2-4 weeks. 
Frequently Asked Questions

(Answers in orange)

  • If my water quality is bad, will NMED seize my well? No. NMED has no regulatory authority over private wells.
  • How can I be informed when a water fair will be near me or is there a list for upcoming water fairs? NMED does not schedule water fairs more than one or two months in advance and does not make personalized announcements for water fairs.  Please check this website occasionally or subscribe to GWQB news to receive water fair announcements.  
  • Does the water fair testing satisfy CYFD regulations for those seeking to become foster homes or VA financing requirements? No, these tests must be preformed by a NMED certified laboratory.
  • Can I drop my sample off for you to test or take to the upcoming water fair? The water fairs are community events open to any New Mexico resident from any county. Therefore we do not provide individualized testing and we do not accept drop-offs to ensure equal opportunity to all residents.
To learn more about organizing a water fair in your community, please contact: Aracely Tellez 


The NM Environment Department (NMED), Ground Water Quality Bureau (GWQB) conducts free testing through a grant from the EPA, in conjunction with the NM Department of Health (NMDOH), to provide data about domestic wells. Approximately, eight water fairs or public outreach events are held each a year in communities throughout New Mexico. Each water fair event includes free testing of water samples from private domestic wells. Additionally, domestic well owners have the opportunity to interact with NMED and NMDOH staff to learn more about ground water quality issues and how they can help preserve or improve water quality. 


To learn more about water quality issues, treatment, maintenance, and other topics of interest, click on a topic of interest. Further information on various well topics may be obtained by visiting 

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