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How to Obtain an EPA Identification Number

How to Obtain an EPA Identification Number Electronically (Form 8700-12)


U.S. EPA now has an online tool called the RCRAInfo Industry Application, or myRCRAid module, to help you get and update your site’s permanent federal EPA ID number.  NMED HWB highly encourages you to submit your RCRA Subtitle C Identification Form 8700-12 through the myRCRAid module.  


NMED HWB has provided step-by-step instructions for filling out your form.   We strongly suggest you open or print these files when using myRCRAid, especially the first time.

Do you need assistance with myRCRAid? Please contact NMED Hazardous Waste Bureau via email at, or by calling (505) 476-6000.


If you still do not wish to use myRCRAid, the paper form is still available.  

Click here for the instructions – RCRA Subtitle C Activities Site Identification Instructions
Click here for the form – RCRA Subtitle C Activities Site Identification Form 8700-12

The form includes instructions. Original signatures are required on the US EPA Form 8700-12. Photocopies are not accepted. Please send the Form 8700-12 to:

NMED Hazardous Waste Bureau 
Attn: Janine Kraemer
2905 Rodeo Park Drive East, Bldg 1
Santa Fe, NM 87505


The U.S. EPA has developed the e-Manifest which launched nationwide on June 30, 2018. The e-Manifest provides access to higher quality and more timely shipment data while saving time and resources for states, tribes, and industry. For further information on e-Manifest click here.