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Hazardous Waste Bureau


National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
White Sands Test Facility

EPA ID#: NM8800019434
New Mexico ID#: 2399
Permit Issued: November 3, 2009
Permit Effective: December 3, 2009

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Facility Record Index
Facility Records

Hazardous Waste Permit
Permit Parts (modified November 2016)
Permit Attachment 1 – General Facility Description
Permit Attachment 2 – Permit Application Part A (modified December 2014)
     Topographic Map
     TSDF Areas
     Waste Accumulation Areas
Permit Attachment 3 – Contingency Plan (modified October 2019)
Permit Attachment 4 – Required Hazardous Waste Characterization Information
Permit Attachment 5 – Reserved
Permit Attachment 6 – Security Plan
Permit Attachment 7 – Inspection Plan
Permit Attachment 8 – Personnel Training Requirements
Permit Attachment 9 – Procedures for Handling Ignitable, Reactive, or Incompatible Waste
Permit Attachment 10 – Evaporation Treatment Unit (ETU) Closure Plan (modified May 2012)
Permit Attachment 11 – Fuel Treatment Unit (FTU) Closure Plan (modified May 2012)
Permit Attachment 12 – Waste Analysis Plan
     First part (pages 1 through 86)
     Second part (pages 86 to the end)
Permit Attachment 13 – Spill and Overflow Prevention Procedures
Permit Attachment 14 – Reserved
Permit Attachment 15 – Cleanup Levels
Permit Attachment 16 – Investigation Work Plan Submittal Schedule (modified May 2015)
Permit Attachment 17 – Investigation and Sampling Methods and Procedures
Permit Attachment 18 – Reserved
Permit Attachment 19 – Monitoring Well Construction Requirements
Permit Attachment 20 – Reporting Requirements
Permit Attachment 21 – ETU and FTU Drawings and Summary Description
Permit Attachment 22 – Lists of SWMUs and AOCs (modified December 2014)
Final Order