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Health & Safety

NMED is responsible for providing the highest quality of life throughout the state by promoting a safe, clean, and productive environment. Our environmental programs help protect our air, land, and water while our health and safety programs provide personal protection for the citizens of New Mexico and our visitors.

Such programs are found within:

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Environmental Health Bureau

Food Program

Purpose: To protect employees, consumers, and the general public from adverse heath & safety conditions (such as foodborne illness) in public food establishments.

Services of the program include:

  • Inspections of food establishments such as restaurants, mobile food carts, and temporary event food vendors to enforce NM Food Service and Processing Regulations.
  • Training for public food providers.
  • Review of operational and construction plans for retail food establishments and food processing operations.
  • Issue food service permits.
  • Issue and provide food recall notices (FDA, USDA, and New Mexico), advisories, and alerts.
  • Jurisdiction = statewide except Bernalillo County and City of Albuquerque

For more information, news, and updates visit the Food Program web pages.

Liquid Waste Program (Septic Systems)

Purpose: To protect the health and welfare of present and future citizens of New Mexico by providing for the prevention and abatement of public health hazards and surface and ground water contamination from on-site liquid waste disposal practices.

Services of the program include:

  • Issue Liquid Waste Permits for septic tanks.
  • FREE domestic well water testing.
  • Outreach and information regarding: septic systems, safety, regulations, ground water, and gray water.
  • Information for contractors, inspectors, and homeowners.
  • Jurisdiction = sate wide except Bernalillo County

For more information visit the Liquid Waste Program web pages.

Swimming Pools Program

Purpose: To protect public safety at all public swimming pools and spas.

Services of the program include:

  • Issue annual operating permits and Perform compliance inspections.
  • List of Certified Operator training courses.
  • Post technical information and recall or safety notifications.
  • Jurisdiction = sate wide except Bernalillo County and City of Albuquerque

For more information visit the Swimming Pools Program web pages.


Occupational Health & Safety Bureau (NM OSHA)

Purpose: To assure every employee safe and healthful working conditions by enforcing Occupational Health and Safety Regulations within New Mexico. The state has adopted the Federal OSHA Regulations and has promulgated some State specific regulations.

The scope of NM OHSB’s jurisdiction includes all private industry and public entities such as city, county, and state government; excluding Federal Employees.

Services of the bureau include:

  • Inspection and Enforcement of OSHA regulations
  • Consultation – Consultants provide free and confidential assistance to businesses at their request.  We assist employers by identifying workplace hazards, analyzing safety and health management systems, and developing recommendations for establishing or strengthening employee safety and health programs. We also recognizes exemplary work sties through the Safety and Health achievement Recognition Program (SHARP).
  • Trainings – coordinates with regional OSHA training institutes to provide information on available training.
  • Compliance Assistance -Specialists provide general information about OSHA standards through presentations, publications, and free outreach events. We also work with businesses as a part of voluntary cooperative and recognition programs including:
    • Zia Star Voluntary Protection Program recognizes those work sites that are self sufficient in identifying and controlling workplace hazards.
    • Strategic Partnerships have been established with groups of employers and employees to encourage, assist, and recognize efforts to eliminate serious hazards and achieve a high degree of employee safety and health. Members of the partnership share resources to focus on common safety issues.
    • The Alliance Program works with trade, professional, and labor organizations; with educational institutions and government agencies. The alliance allows groups who share a common interest in improving workplace safety and health to work with New Mexico OSHA to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses.
  • Whistleblower Discrimination Assistance – Specialists provide support for employees who believe they have been discriminated against by their employer because they have been involved in reporting safety and health issues.  A Discrimination Complaint must be filed within 30 days of the discrimination act, which may include activities such as harassment, intimidation, demotion, termination, etc. If evidence supports the worker’s claim of discrimination, OHSA Whistleblower personnel will conduct an in-depth interview with the complainant to determine the need for an investigation.

Radiation Control Bureau (medical, materials, & machines)

Purpose: To control the beneficial uses of ionizing radiation while providing for protection against intrinsic hazards that it can pose to workers, the public, and the environment.

Services of the bureau include:

  • Medical Imaging & Radiation Therapy Program – operator’s license applications and list of active NM technologists
  • Licensing of radiation machines (we regulate over 1,300 machine facilities state-wide). Examples of radiation machines include: Medical x-ray machines, particle accelerators, x-ray radiography machines used for non-destructive testing of materials.
  • Licensing & Regulation of radioactive materials (approx. 200 licensees in NM)
    New Mexico has been an NRC Agreement State since 1974, meaning that we have an agreement with the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to regulate the possession and use of certain radioactive materials in NM. We are one of 33 states with such an agreement.
  • Radiation Equipment Services Program – issues certificates of registration to providers of radiation equipment service.
  • Radon Outreach Program – provides information and education regarding radon issues in homes and buildings. Also seasonally distributes free Radon Test Kits to the public (first-come-first-serve basis).
  • WIPP Emergency Training Program– works in conjunction with multiple agencies to help prepare New Mexico communities for response to hazardous materials transportation accidents, including those involving shipments to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP)



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