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Liquid Waste Program

Alternative Disposal Systems

Alternative Disposal means any approved on-site liquid waste disposal method used in lieu of, including modifications to, a conventional disposal method.
Alternative Disposal can be used with either Conventional or Advanced Treatment prior to discharge.
Alternative Disposal Systems may include:
  • Drip Systems
  • Pressure Dosed Systems
  • Low Pressure Dosed Systems
  • Low Pressure Pipe Systems
  • Evapo-Transpiration Systems
  • Composting and Incinerating Toilets
  • Mounds
  • Alternating drainfields
  • Non-discharging constructed wetlands
  • Non-gravity systems
  • Approved surface applications.

Pressurized distribution:

  • systems disperse the effluent under pressure through the use of a pump.  Many pressurized systems utilize pipe or tubing with emitter holes (orifices). 
  • can disperse the effluent throughout the entire field more efficiently than gravity distribution. 
  • increases the use of the entire drainfield during each pump cycle, rather than just a portion of the drainfield, as is the case with gravity distribution.  Localized drainfield usage can lead to early failure do to focused application in localized portions of the drainfield. 
  • can lengthen the lifespan of a drainfield and also help avoid saturation and failure.
  • can be accomplished with timers in order to customize dosing regimes that can further help minimize drainfield saturation and provide more efficient treatment in the Soil Treatment Area (STA) by preventing saturation and allowing more evaporation and also aerobic conditions in the drainfield.