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Liquid Waste Program


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do I have to have a permit to install a new septic system?

A:  Yes, you or your licensed contractor must complete a permit application and receive approval before installing a septic system.  Please see the “Apply for a Permit” section of the website to obtain more information.   Homeowners may qualify to install their own septic system if they pass a test administered by the Department.  Contact your local NMED Field Office to discuss the details of Homeowner Installations.

Q:  Are Advanced Treatment Units required for lots less than 3/4 acre?

A:  No, Advanced Treatment Systems are only one option.  You may also want to explore Split Flow Systems, Non-Discharging Systems, obtaining more acreage, acquiring an easement to adjacent property and other possibilities.  It is recommended that you contact a liquid waste specialist for your area and discuss the specific details of your project in order to understand your options.