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Environment Department

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Liquid Waste Program

Free Well Water Testing

NMED provides free testing of private domestic wells only for Nitrate, Iron and Fluoride. 

Private laboratories may provide additional analysis at owners expense.

Sample Collection and Analysis:

  1. Collect a sample from the cold water tap of your kitchen sink.
  2. Collect at least one quart of water in a clean, covered, glass or plastic container such as a canning jar or water bottle.
  3. Plan your sample delivery soon after collection to one of our local NMED Field Offices
    • Old samples can give inaccurate results. 
  4. Write down the date and time you collected the sample.  
  5. Please print and fill out the Well Testing Form for each sample (Well Test Form Color; Well Test Form Black and White). 
    • You may be asked to fill out the Well Testing Form at time of sample delivery.
  6. If you have a Global Positioning System (GPS) unit, please determine the latitude, longitude and elevation of your wellhead, and add that information to the Well Testing Form. 
  7. Bring your water sample, along with the Well Test Form, to the nearest NMED Field Office
  8. We will test your water for fluoride, iron, and nitrate.  Tests for electrical conductivity (a measure of total dissolved solids) and organic vapor may also be performed subject to instrument availability.
  9. We will mail you the results on the Well Test Form when the analyses are completed. 
    • The back of the Form contains information about acceptable levels of these parameters to assist your interpretation of the results.

Confidentiality Notice – The names, addresses, phone numbers, and GPS coordinates of homeowners and wells are kept confidential and are not released to the public.  Upon request, we provide summaries of well-water quality data by general area (e.g. Alcalde). 

We do not test water from a public supply system, since testing is already done as required by the federal Safe Drinking Water Act.  Contact the NMED Drinking Water Bureau to obtain test results if you are served by a public water system.