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Liquid Waste Program

Training for On-site Professionals

NMED supports the pursuit of education within the liquid waste industry.  Continuing education provides improvements in knowledge and installation methods, resulting in better septic systems that last longer and protect groundwater and public health more effectively.

Installer Specialist is a credential offered by NMED’s Liquid Waste Program.

  • This credential provides Installer Specialists numerous advantages, including more flexible inspection scheduling and the ability to evaluate some un-permitted systems.
  • Classes for Installer Specialist certification shall be offered by NMED quarterly if there is a demand.
  • For further information please see the LW Installer Sepcialist Application Form.
  • Further information can be found in Section of the Liquid Waste Regulations.
  • This credential requires continuing education.
  • If you would like to determine if a prospective class or training may be accepted for continuing education contact Liquid Waste Program to find out what information you must submit for evaluation of the course or training.

Annual Training for Advanced Treatment System (ATS) Installers and Maintenance Service Providers (MSP’s)

  • Installers and MSP’s shall shall receive Department approved training provided annually at least once per year as per Section (2)
  • NMED can post annual training on this website and also send out notification with the Liquid Waste Email Alerts.

Please contact the Liquid Waste Program if you have any trainings, classes or other educational opportunities that you would like the Department to post.