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Office of Information Technology

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is the Department IT Division responsible for information technology systems, software and hardware that enable automation of the department’s mission critical business processes while supporting day-to-day operations for existing systems, networks, telecommunications and cybersecurity for the Department.


Peter Street is the Environment Department’s Chief Information Officer (CIO).  He is responsible for managing the OIT Division. In addition to leveraging information technology solutions to facilitate the department mission he ensures alignment with the NM state technology architecture as well as any federal agency requirements from EPA, OSHA and NRC. Collaboration with states, tribes and EPA is essential for setting a strategic vision that is informed by the experience of others.



The Office of the CIO (OCIO) Group is responsible for providing portfolio management and IT project management services for high-impact departmental IT projects, working to ensure that projects are delivered within scope, schedule, and budget while meeting quality and stakeholder expectations.  The OCIO provides support to the program bureaus for collaborative development of scopes of work for IT contracts as well as administrative and project management services for  IT federal grants awarded through the EPA Exchange Network Grant Program.  Additionally, the OCIO works with program bureaus to leverage existing technology investments through increased adoption.


The Solutions Group is responsible for delivering modern digital technologies to drive the business of the department. Sections in this group are the Web Solutions Section, Application Development Section and the Geospatial Information Systems Section.


The Web Solutions Section is responsible for delivering publicly available content through our website and incorporating web tools for public use.


The Applications Development Section is responsible for Tier 2 Support for the vast majority of existing NMED data-driven web applications. Applications Section also directly supervises Contracted Application Development underway for bureaus and programs via staff augmentation, and works with Full Service Development Vendors to ensure that NMED technical standards are observed. Applications Section provides data reporting services across all NMED applications, and is currently endeavoring to create an API library to facilitate access to public NMED data. Applications Section also has responsibility for streamlining and modernizing application development processes and procedures for both contracted and in-house development.


The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Section is responsible for procuring licensing of GIS software and software support, assisting media bureaus (air, soils, water) with obtaining and sharing data, both internally and with the public via web maps and mobile apps, creation of GIS standards, and consultation with geoscientists on best practices regarding GIS on projects and requests for proposals. Find the Maps page here.


The Operations Group is responsible for client and application support, and technology infrastructure for NMED.  Sections in this group are the Network and Systems Section, the Data Management Section and the Client Support Section.


The Network and Systems Section is responsible for the network and server computing infrastructure for NMED.


The Data Management Section is responsible for the operation, maintenance, and safeguarding of the department-wide database management systems.


The Client Support Section is responsible for first level support for all department PCs, printers and copiers, desktop software, network troubleshooting, managing user access, and managing telecommunications requests.