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Contact Information:
(505) 827-2855 MAIN // 1-800-219-6157 (toll free)
Environmental Emergencies:
505-827-9329 (24 hrs)

Petroleum Storage Tank Bureau


A qualified tester must perform the first test of your spill and overfill prevention equipment, interstitial monitoring containment sumps by July 24, 2021. Click here for a handy guide to comply with testing.

Incident/Release Reportmust be filed within 24 hours of discovering a release
Instructions for completing initial incident reports

If you have difficulty viewing any documents on this website, try downloading them.  You will have to download any form you need to fill out.

Notification Forms – Please contact your inspector in your territory to submit:

Below are links to forms for required notifications, equipment testing, etc.

Test Report Forms – Please contact your inspector in your territory to submit:

**NOTE**ASTM test standard E3225-20 does NOT meet the requirements of the New Mexico Petroleum Storage Tank Regulations for testing of spill prevention equipment and containment sumps.

ASTM test standard E3225-20, Standard Practice for Performing a Liquid Test of Spill Prevention Equipment and Containment Sumps Used for Interstitial Monitoring of Piping by Visual Examination, does NOT meet federal requirements in 40 CFR 280 and does NOT meet the periodic testing requirements in 20.5 NMAC. The testing procedures in PEI (Petroleum Equipment Institute) 1200 ARE acceptable.

Tank Installer and Junior Installer Certifications and Qualified Tester Forms

Please go to our Tank Installer Certifications and Qualified Tester page.

Tank Operation Forms

Please email Joe Godwin, Prevention and Inspection Program Manager, call him at (505) 699-4006 (cell) to find out how to submit, or mail to the address on the form:

Please email Micaela Fierro of the Tank Fees and Certification section or call her at  505-570-7475 (cell) or 505-476-4394 (office) to find out how to submit, or mail to the address on the form:

Please contact either Joe Godwin, (505) 699-4006, or Dana Bahar, 505-699-4007 , to find out how to submit, or mail to the address on the form:

For the application and review matrix to approve operator training put on by companies and trainers, go to our Operator Training page.

Tank Registration and Related Forms

Petroleum Storage Tank Registration Form
Petroleum Storage Tank Registration Instructions
Change in Ownership Form

Document/File Request Form – to get information and files from PSTB and/or NMED

Reimbursement/Corrective Action Fund Forms


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