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Environment Department

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505-827-9329 (24 hrs)

Petroleum Storage Tank Bureau

Successes: Cleanup and Redevelopment

Redevelopment made possible by the Corrective Action Fund, the New Mexico Environment Department, contractors, and many others

BEFORE: Remediation of a leaked petroleum storage tank site using the Corrective Action Fund in Cimarron, NM.

AFTER: A new gas station in Cimarron after remediation of the above site. New business, new employment, and economic development through use of the Corrective Action Fund on a site that would otherwise be unusable.

BEFORE: Corrective Action Fund in use to remediate a site in Los Lunas contaminated from a petroleum storage tank release.

AFTER: A restaurant is operating on the cleaned-up site in Los Lunas, thanks to the Corrective Action fund and talented people with the New Mexico Environment Department, contractors, and many others.

There are many other examples of site redevelopment and reuse using the Corrective Action Fund throughout New Mexico. Here are a few more:

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