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Petroleum Storage Tank Bureau

Tank Installer Certifications and Qualified Tester

Tank Installer Certification

Under the laws and regulations of New Mexico, any individual who installs, replaces, repairs, or modifies above ground (ASTs) or underground storage tank systems (USTs) in this state must be certified by the New Mexico Environment Department Petroleum Storage Tank Bureau to perform that work.

List of Certified Tank Installers (updated June 30, 2021)

Certified Tank Installers by Company (updated June 22, 2020)

Below is the application form for either AST or UST installer certification or both, and the application form for AST and/or UST installer certification renewal.

Junior Installer Certification

Beginning on July 24, 2019, an individual who has been certified by the New Mexico Environment Department Petroleum Storage Tank Bureau as a Junior Installer may install, replace, repair, or modify spill prevention equipment and overfill prevention equipment. An individual who has been certified by NMED PSTB as an AST Junior Installer who is also licensed by the New Mexico Construction Industries Division as a journeyman pipe fitter, MM-4, or MM-98, may also repair and replace entirely above ground piping on ASTs.

Below is the application form for either AST or UST Junior Installer certification or both. **Please note: Applications will remain in pending status as exams are not being conducted during the public health emergency.**

Application form for first time Junior Installer certification

Tester Qualification

Beginning July 24, 2019, owners and operators have been required to demonstrate that individuals who test spill and overfill prevention equipment, containment sumps, interstitial and sump sensors, automatic line leak detectors, cathodic protection systems, and who conduct precision tank and line tightness testing on any above ground or underground storage tank systems in New Mexico have the necessary training, testing equipment manufacturer’s certifications, and experience to perform that work.

Below is the form for testers to use to send their qualifications to the Petroleum Storage Tank Bureau.

Tester qualifications submittal form

Testers may submit this information to the Petroleum Storage Tank Bureau prior to conducting any testing, or owners and operators must ensure qualifications are submitted for each test conducted. Whether or not a tester is on this list, it is the owner’s and operator’s responsibility to ensure that testers they use have the necessary training, testing equipment manufacturers’ certifications, and experience to perform the tests they are performing, and that they meet any calibration and maintenance requirements of the testing equipment manufacturer. This list is here to make that job easier.

List of testers and their qualifications (updated August 04, 2021)

Owners, operators, and testers must know and obey the current regulations on installer certification and tester qualification: Part 105 of Petroleum Storage Tank Regulations (20.5 NMAC) on Certification of Tank Installers, as well as the rest of 20.5 NMAC that applies to them, see below.

The Environmental Improvement Board approved these regulations, and they became effective July 24, 2018, along with all of the other revised parts of 20.5 NMAC, the Petroleum Storage Tank Regulations. See our Regulations, Current and Proposed page for more information.

For questions about the installer certification or tester qualification program, please call Dana Bahar 505-699-4007 , Program Manager for the Tanks Operations and Support Program.