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Pools Program

New Mexico Pool Regulations

Residential housing or lodging facilities having five or less units are not considered public pools or spas in accordance with 7.18.1 NMAC

An annual operating permit is required for each public swimming pool and spa. The operating permit will be issued only after a satisfactory inspection of the pool and/or spa and receipt of all applicable fees. The swimming pool and spa fees are addressed in 7.18.2 NMAC

(Effective 8/01/2016)

The Environmental Improvement Board adopted new regulations on May 13, 2016. The new regulations became effective August 1, 2016. To download a copy of the new regulations, click the following links:

The 2014 Model Aquatics Health Code First Edition is incorperated in the New Mexico Regulations by reference.  A copy of the Model Aquatics Health Code (MAHC) by clicking Following links

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Old Swimming Pool Regulations

7/30/2008  through 7/31/2016