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Radiation Control Bureau

Learn About Online Payments

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Paying electronically should be as simple as pushing a button!


The radiation control bureau is pleased to announce that you can pay your radioactive material license fee online electronically. Effective September 1, 2020, your invoices will provide all the information you need to login to a secure website for making online payments. Initial setup of your account takes but a few minutes, and after that the process is even faster! It is both fast and easy to pay online, and very secure. The system is operated by Wells Fargo, a leader in security of electronic fund transfers.

Credit card payments are subject to service fee of 2.7% of the invoice amount. However, other electronic fund transfer methods are with no service fee!

For information, login to

The Radiation Control Bureau does not presently charge a fee to register x-ray machines.

If you have questions about the online payment process please contact:
James K. Hesch,
Radiation Specialist
(505) 476-8611
(505) 670-4397 cell