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RCB-form-Application for NORM License

20.3.14 NMAC establishes radiation protection standards for the possession, use, transfer, transport, storage and disposal of regulated naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) associated with the oil and gas industry, and which are not subject to regulation under New Mexico Administrative Code (NMAC).  Nothing in these regulations relieves a licensee from abiding by the regulations of the New Mexico water quality control commission, other applicable state and federal laws and regulations, including those of the New Mexico Oil Conservation Division, or the terms and conditions of the Rocky Mountain Low-Level Radioactive Waste Board requirements.

20.3.14 NMAC Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) in the Oil and Gas Industry

Naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) means any nuclide which is radioactive in its natural physical state (i.e., not manmade), but does not include byproduct, source or special nuclear material.

Regulated NORM means NORM contained in any oil-field soils, equipment, sludges, or any other materials related to oil-field operations or processes exceeding the radiation levels specified in Section NMAC.

Unless otherwise exempted under the provisions of, the possession, use, transfer, transport, storage and disposal of regulated NORM must be licensed by the Department.

The Radiation Control Bureau has developed an excel spreadsheet to assist in evaluating if a
NORM License is required.

NORM Licensing Analysis (Compliance Assistance Spreadsheet)
NORM Licensing Flow Chart (PDF)

The First Mail-Out To Oil and Gas Companies

20.3.16 Fees for Licensure of Radioactive Materials


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