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RCB form 016-Source Material-Special Nuclear Material-By-product Material

Application for Radioactive Material License– Source Material – Special Nuclear Material – By-product Material

Radioactive material is any solid, liquid, or gas the constituents of which, in part or in whole spontaneously emit radiation from unstable nuclei.  The radiation generally consists of alpha or beta particles, often accompanied by the emission of gamma radiation.  Radioactive materials have many beneficial uses in such applications as healing arts, industrial uses, research, and academia.

Radioactive materials emit ionizing radiation, which poses a health hazard and is therefore subject to federal and state regulation. The Bureau licenses and regulates approximately 200 radioactive material licensees statewide.  Our regulation takes into account the state of technology, economics, safety, and public interest regarding the beneficial uses of radioactive material.  We inspect our licensees on a prioritized schedule to ensure radiation exposures and radioactive material releases are within applicable limits at levels that are as low as reasonably achievable.

New Mexico is an NRC Agreement State, meaning that we have an agreement with the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) entitling the State to regulate the possession and use of certain radioactive materials in the State of New Mexico.  New Mexico has been an Agreement State since 1974, and is one of 33 states holding such an agreement with the NRC.

We regulate radioactive materials in accordance with the requirements of the New Mexico Radiation Protection Regulations (20.3 NMAC).  Licensees are required to maintain copy of pertinent parts of the regulations.  Mandatory parts include 20.3.3, 20.3.4, and 20.3.10.  Other parts apply as applicable for the type of use.  To view or download pertinent parts of the regulations, please visit our regulations webpage.


Forms available by downloading (PDF format):

Application for a Radioactive Material License (pdf)

Form Required for Change of Control or Change of Ownership or both (to include a name change)(pdf)

 Instructions for filling-out an application for a radioactive material license.  NUREG – 1556   and ALL APPLICABLE  NUREG.

Preceptor Forms (use these forms for new license or when adding new user or new authorization to existing user)

Radiation Safety Officer Preceptor (pdf)

Authorized Medical Physicist Preceptor (pdf)

Authorized Nuclear Pharmacist Preceptor (pdf)

Authorized User Diagnostic Use Preceptor (pdf)

Authorized User Therapy Use Preceptor (pdf)

Authorized User Sealed Source Therapy Use Preceptor (pdf)

Instruction on How to fill-out Preceptor Form (pdf)

Specialty Board(s) Certification Recognized by New Mexico and NRC for MEDICAL USE RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL

RCB FORM 014 (Certificate of Disposition) (pdf)
Required submittal for licensees undergoing license termination.

Notice to Employees (pdf)
This document must be posted in the workplace as required by Part 10 of the New Mexico Radiation Protection Regulations

Small Entity Application (Microsoft Word Format) A licensee who is required to pay an annual fee may qualify as a small entity.  If a licensee qualifies as a small entity (Part and provides the Department with the proper certification with the annual fee payment, the licensee may pay reduced annual fees.

Reciprocity 3-day Notification Form (pdf)
For out-of-state licensees entering New Mexico under reciprocal recognition.

General License Registration Form (pdf)
General License Registration Form Supplemental Sheet (pdf)
General License Application Small Uranium Thorium Water Filtration System

Persons who possess certain generally licensed devices must register with the Bureau  using the above forms

Do you have questions or comments regarding our regulation of radioactive materials?  If so, please contact one of the following people as appropriate for the given category:

General Topics  
Santiago Rodriguez, Bureau Chief
(505) 476-8604 or cell (505) 270-1930

Michael Ortiz, Program Manager
Radiation Protection Program
(505) 476-8605
(505) 699-0060 cell

Oil & Gas NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material)
Thomas Collins, Environmental Scientist
(505) 476-8610 or cell (505) 660-9108

Victor Diaz, Applying for Radioactive Material  Licensing
(505) 476-8601 or cell (505) 231-5736

Robert (Bobby) Bicknell, Applying for General Licensing
505-469-5362 or 505-476-8603. E-mail

 Incident and Allegation Reporting
Carl Sullivan, Radiation Specialist
(505) 222-9519 or 231-5647

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