New Mexico
Environment Department

Contact Information:
(505) 827-2855 MAIN // 1-800-219-6157 (toll free)
Environmental Emergencies:
505-827-9329 (24 hrs)

Solid Waste Bureau

Rules and Statutes


Solid Waste Act §74-9-1 to §74-9-43 NMSA 1978
Recycling and Illegal Dumping (RAID) Act §74-13-1 to §74-13-20 NMSA 1978


Solid Waste Rules 20.9.2 to 20.9.10 NMAC
Recycling, Illegal Dumping, and Scrap Tire Management Rules (RIDSTMR) 20.9.20 NMAC


Permit Procedures 20.1.4 NMAC
Adjudicatory Procedures 20.1.5 NMAC

Executive Orders

New Mexico Climate Change Action Executive Order Executive Order 2019-003
Environmental Justice Executive Order Executive Order 2005-056


Federal Regulations and Guidance

Guidelines for Development and Implementation of State Solid Waste Management Plans 40 CFR Part 256
Criteria for Classification of Solid Waste Disposal Facilities and Practices 40 CFR Part 257
Criteria for Municipal Solid Waste Landfills 40 CFR Part 258

Standards for the Use or Disposal of Sewage Sludge

40 CFR Part 503