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Surface Water Quality

2009 Triennial Review

Executive Summary: The New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) petitioned the Water Quality Control Commission (WQCC) at its December 16, 2008 regular public meeting to conduct the triennial review of New Mexico’s Water Quality Standards, 20.6.4 NMAC.  A review of the Standards on a three-year basis is required by Section 303(c) of the federal Clean Water Act (CWA).  Along with the petition, NMED presented its proposed amendments and narrative explanation.  The Boards & Commissions Administrator docketed the matter as WQCC 08-13 (R).  The changes made during this Triennial Review included:

  • Adding narrative criterion to address biological integrity objective under the CWA;
  • Change the designated use from “municipal water supply” to “public water supply”;
  • Add a new designated aquatic life use for coolwater;
  • Revise the domestic water supply criteria to coincide with safe drinking water standards (where they exist);
  • Establish designated uses and criteria for unclassified waters;
  • Revise provisions for a Use Attainability Analysis;
  • Revise segment descriptions to exclude Tribal waters;
  • Add aquatic life criteria based on EPA updates;
  • Change “secondary contact” designated use to “primary contact” where the associated criteria reflect the use;
  • Reference designated use criteria throughout classified waters where possible;
  • Numerous segment specific proposals; and
  • Clarifications of criteria applicability, updates to methods and corrections of grammatical errors.
Document Author Date
Public Notice SWQB
Public Comment Draft SWQB December 16, 2008
WQCC Hearing Petition Request SWQB
Scheduling Order WQCC
Public Notice of Hearing SWQB
Administrative Record and Hearing Transcripts WQCC
Final Order and Statement of Reasons WQCC
Integrated Rule 20.6.4 NMAC SWQB
Submittal Letter to EPA SWQB
EPA’s Response and Technical Support Document (TSD) EPA