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Surface Water Quality

Wetland Action Plans

Wetland Action Plans (WAPs) are designed to specifically address wetlands and riparian resources within the boundary of a specific watershed.  SWQB facilitates watershed groups throughout the State to develop WAPs as an additional component of their Watershed-Based Plan

WAPs focus on:

  • Engaging watershed/stakeholder groups in wetland protection efforts;
  • Protecting & restoring wetlands statewide by established watershed groups;
  • natural wetlands and riparian resources: riparian area and floodplain wetlands, cienegas, slope wetlands, bogs, lake fringe wetlands, springs & seeps, wet meadows; and
  • Increasing wetland areas within the State through the restoration of wetlands in floodplains and other historic wetland locations.

Each watershed/stakeholder group will assess wetlands/riparian resources in their watershed and develop ways they propose to protect, restore, and create wetlands locally. This project will assist watershed groups to incorporate wetlands issues into their mission and will promote stewardship of wetlands through cooperative approaches involving agencies, local governments, tribes, private/nonprofit organizations, and the public.  It is also expected to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of wetlands protection and management programs in government and the private sector. This project ultimately proposes to establish a self-sustaining mechanism for localized involvement in protection, restoration and creation of wetlands throughout New Mexico.

Wetland Action Plans
San Antonio and Los Pinos Watersheds WAP
Upper Pecos WAP
Arid Land Spring Cienegas WAP (2018)
Sulphur Creek WAP (2017)
Comanche Creek WAP (2016)
Moreno Valley WAP (2016)
Upper Gallinas Watershed WAP (2015)
Cebolla Canyon Closed Basin Watershed WAP (2014) 
WAP for Playa Lakes in Curry County (2014)
Keeping Santa Fe County Wetlands Viable and Functioning WAP (2012)
WAP for the Galisteo Watershed (2010)
Appendix A: Wetlands Map for the Santa Fe Growth Management Strategy
– Appendix B: Wetlands Assessment (upcoming)
Appendix C: Endangered & Threatened Species
Appendix E: Prioritization Process
Appendix G: Data Sheets
Appendix H: Blank Data Sheets
Alcalde/Velarde Valley WAP (2011)
Cedro Creek WAP (2009)
Lower Rio Grande WAP (2011)
Rio de las Vacas WAP (2011)
Silver City WAP (2008)
Burro Cienaga WAP (updated 2013)