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Surface Water Quality

New Mexico Wetlands Program

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Watershed Protection Section
Wetlands Program

The goals of the New Mexico Wetlands Program are to protect and restore New Mexico’s remaining wetlands and riparian areas and to increase self-sustaining, naturally functioning wetlands areas so they continue to benefit New Mexico’s future.

Maryann McGraw
Wetlands Program Coordinator
(505) 819-9832


Planning, Restoration and Protection:

The New Mexico Wetlands Program facilitates the development of comprehensive for wetlands restoration and protection in watersheds throughout New Mexico. Our program promotes wetland restoration as an integral part of watershed restoration and health.

Participation in the program requires at least 30 acres of new or restored wetlands in the watersheds. We are working toward increasing wetlands protection through monitoring and strengthening water quality standards that pertain to the State’s wetlands resources.

Program Essentials

Wetland Program Plan


Wetland Action Plans

Issues, Legislation & Regulations

Types of Wetlands

Rapid Assessment Method

Partners & References

Technical Guides

Interactive Wetlands Map

EPA Wetlands Page

Outstanding Natural Resource Waters 

SE NM Wetlands Storymap


Education and Community Outreach

The New Mexico Wetlands Program encourages volunteer participation in on-the-ground wetland restoration projects, and helps obtain funding for projects we provide wetland/riparian education and outreach for schools and interest groups. We support the organization of local wetland-focused community efforts comprised of various organizations, tribal and cultural groups, private landowners, state and federal agency representatives, and other stakeholders.