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Surface Water Quality

Watershed Restoration Acton Strategies

These Watershed Restoration Action Strategies (WRAS) were developed prior to the EPA nine planning elements that define Watershed-Based Planning  as described in the Nonpoint Source Program and Grants Guidelines for States and Territories. These archival plans generally lack the quantitative elements required of Watershed Based Plans, but many of them still provide useful background information for future planning.
 Watershed Restoration Action Strategy document Date
Comanche Creek WRAS 2005
Cordova Creek WRAS 2001
Conejos River WRAS 2006
Galisteo Creek Watershed WRAS 2005
Gallinas River Watershed WRAS 2005
Gila River Watershed Improvement Plan & Strategies 2009
Jemez River Watershed WRAS 2005
Las Huertas Canyon WRAS 2005
Lower Rio Grande WRAS 2007
Lower Pecos Watershed Strategy Plan 2005
Middle Rio Grande-Albuquerque area 2008
Mimbres River WRAS 2006
Pueblo Canyon WRAS 2004
Red River Watershed WRAS 2003
Rio Chama WRAS 2005
Rio Costilla WRAS 2005
Rio Embudo Watershed Management Plan 2010
Rio Hondo – Upper Watershed WRAS 2004
Rio Pueblo de Taos WRAS 2005
Rio Puerco WRAS 2001
Rio Quemado WRAS 2003
Rowe Mesa WRAS 2005
San Antonio Creek QAPP 2010
Sanchez Creek WRAS 2003
San Juan River WRAS 2005
Santa Fe River WRAS 2002
Sapello River WRAS 2002
Spur Ranch Project WRAS 2003
Taylor Creek WRAS 2005
Three Rivers & Tularosa Creek WRAS 2007
Upper Rio Grande Watershed Management Plan 2007
Upper Rio Grande WRAS 2006
Upper Tijeras Creek WRAS 2004